Thursday, May 8, 2014

What's Up.. Today

Usually Wednesdays are my days off from toddlerness to draw and I think this is why I keep forgetting to post Wednesdays! Things went well this week I got a lot done. I also was able to clean my house (somewhat) so that was fun. I also got a babysitter for my son on Monday nights. Hopefully May will continue to be awesome!

What I'm Reading
I forgot to read something this week! x_X

What I'm Writing/Drawing 

Yesterday was a decent day for drawing (it's about time)! I'm working on a dummy for a picture book I'm writing. I've had the dummy pictures for a while (and probably could have submitted it years ago). Now I'm working on changing the style of the drawings and making them more consistent and making them look cleaner. Unfortunately, I have to re-do all the colour images as well. It's okay, because I think I'll end up with a stronger book.

 I'm pretty much done editing the manuscript (at least before an editor/agent gets their hands on this) so at least that much is done. I also have the equivalent of two spreads (12 in all) done for the dummy. I have about 4-5 drawings for each spread already done. Some of it I can just copy over, and other things I need to change completely. 

I did lots of Doodle Day doodles this week. I'm finally caught up! I want to share this month's doodles with you so I'll be posting them all during the week. Fridays is the only exception. I don't want to take the spotlight off of the people I'm interviewing. If you see a doodle or picture in an interview the picture was taken by or owned by the person I'm interviewing. 

NAPIBOWRIWEE Is a failure for me. I was able to write one story, oh well. I got a lot of other things done. I'll go back and look at all the posts when I have time to sit down and write!

Every Day Possible
-  Portfolio Work

Wed 05/07
- Lots of Picture Book Dummy Work!

Thursday 05/08
- Dealing with insane boys who are hungry but wont eat anything!

Friday 05/09
- Interview today. I believe it's Jacque Duffy. Lucy Eliot and Helena Juhasz are coming up as well!
- Artwork if I get the time!

Saturday 05/10
- Kid's Swap Meet in Cloverdale (Have to get rid of baby things!)
- Sitting in on an art class.

Sunday 05/11
- More artwork. Maybe I can get my dummy done by now... maybe not! 

Write down some interview questions

Monday 05/12
- Recovering from the weekend insanity!

Tuesday 05/13

- Enjoying the outdoors!

Wednesday 05/14

- What's Up Wednesday!

What Inspires Me Right Now

The idea that sleep might be a thing.

What Else I've Been Up To

Toddler Minding 
He's eating me out of house and home!


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