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Interview with Lucy Elliott

Lucy Elliott
With me today on my blog is Writer and Illustrator Lucy Elliott. Lucy's book Frank the Gentle Viking can be bought here. This book won an Aviva Gittle Award in 2013! Lucy's images range from enchanting to downright funny!

Lucy's blog is filled with book reviews, doodles, illustrations and musings. She has a lot of great and fun illustrations to view and she posts often. Some of her illustrations here are hilarious! I was laughing while going through her old posts. I'm sure you'll get a giggle too when viewing her blog! I love funny art and I'm sure you'll love Lucy after reading this interview -- that is if you don't already!


Dani: Where do you get the ideas for your drawings?

Lucy: My ideas for drawings come from all over: dreams, conversations with my husband, things I see in the world that strike me as odd, or that could be odd if I just tweaked them a bit. Puns and wordplay inspire me as well.

Dani: Chocolate, Vanilla or Butterscotch?

Lucy: Chocolate. Hands down.

Dani: How did you get started in Illustration?

Lucy: I've been drawing as long as I can remember, and illustrating children's books was sort of a romanticized career my mother encouraged me to pursue. I think an artist-sized paycheck didn't occur to her when I was seven and by college it was too late to persuade me otherwise.

Dani: Please tell us a bit about your book Frank the Gentle Viking.

Lucy: Frank the Gentle Viking is the story of a little Viking having trouble finding his place in the Viking world. He is surrounded by brothers who overshadow him with their rough warrior ways, while Frank is more of a gentle soul. But it takes all kinds to make a Viking world, and Frank has a chance to show his own talents when a dragon comes to town.

Dani: What is your ideal illustration job?

Lucy: My ideal illustration job...well, when I'm working for myself I'm definitely working for my favorite client, but the pay is lousy! Honestly, I think having a chance to contribute to concept development for a feature film with Laika or Dreamworks would be an incredible experience, even if I was just an intern, because I'd be surrounded by so many other amazing artists and have such an opportunity to learn.

Illustration from Frank the Gentle Viking

Dani: If you got to redo any picture book with your illustrations which book would it be?

Lucy: Oy...probably the first freelance job I had right out of school. I had no idea what I was doing on any level and I feel like it showed. There was a lot of pressure on me at the time, because that job not only came with a paycheck, but my final graduation credit! I think my style has matured since then and I'm much more confident about my work. But still, I don't know that I'd be enthused about re-doing it. With art, I think it's generally best to learn from mistakes, then put the past behind you, unless you have something to really prove by a redo. I reworked Frank from scratch because I knew it wasn't what I saw in my head, and it was totally worth it. I guess it's all about how much you believe in a project.

Dani: If you could do anything what would you be doing in 5 years and where would you be living?

Lucy: In 5 years I want to have a publisher/agent excited to carry my work, which I magically have time to do while raising a happy, delightful family right here in Charleston!

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