Monday, May 26, 2014

I Want to Draw You a Fairy!

May is quickly coming to an end. I have really loved doodling these last few weeks with Doodle Day. I don't want it to end (and I'm hoping it wont). I probably won't be sharing all of my doodles after the end of May, but I will likely be sharing my best doodles. 

Starting in June I want to start drawing more fairy creatures. I do want to say that I didn't draw a lot of fairies when I was young, so I may as well make up for it now! If there is a fairy you would like me to draw for you please let me know! This is a free thing, but please note that I won't be sending the results to you in the mail (unless you wish to purchase the drawing). These fairies will mostly be doodles, and may or may not be used in other illustrations.

Backgrounds will completely depend on how much time I have. Fire, ice, musical ect fairies can be requested. Don't like fairies? You are welcomed to ask me to draw any fairy creature from nyiads and dryads to mermaids and elves. Any requests given are requests and will be done as I can. I will not do a likeness of any person in these drawings (unless a commission is requested). I will put the person's name on my blog that requested said fairy drawing. Sound like fun? Send me your requests!

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