Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What Progress?

Tufts of cottony death are floating around my neighborhood again. I don't usually have any allergy problems but this form of puffiness seems to be my one weakness. I will breathe much better once this part of the season ends!

What I'm Creating:

Mostly a big mess in Clip Studio Paint! I think I came close to having a full palette to work from last night. More work than I bargained for, but I'm glad I'm done. It will be useful for any artwork I do. 

I found a few people to post on Instagram. I'm still working on getting more interviews. I'm hoping to find more people tonight for both!

Ongoing - Find more people to interview and to post on Instagram. 
May 30th - Have reasonably good pencil drafts for my dummy. *moved*

Interview Schedule:

April 27th Jardan J. Scavone - Done!
May 4th Benson Shum - Done!
May 11th Katherine Locke - Done!
May 18th Ashley Howland - Done!
May 25th Nick Patton 

I will add more people to this list soon!

As promised here is a badge for "What Progress?" I will make a fancier one later, but might as well get this started!

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