Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What Progress? May 1st

I thought my cold was heading out, but it seems to be holding on. May be a second cold. I'm glad we are getting warmer weather now! Hoping to add some soil to my garden this weekend and get the garden party started.

What I'm Creating

Still working on the kitty story. The MC is getting changed, but I'm not changing a whole lot of the layout of my story.  I feel like 85%+ was good, but it was more like 50% done story wise (basically because the story didn't make sense in a couple areas). I'm feeling good as I move forward with this! 

I did a drawing for a Monday Coffee badge. It's not quite done but I posted it here. The color is a bit different on Instagram. Hoping to finish this soon! Perfect timing for #MerMay, but I don't know if I'll be able to create daily mermaids. We'll see, because I love mermaids. 


I have lots of people signed up for interviews now. I have at least one person I haven't sent questions to, but if I've said I'll send out questions feel free to bug me! I forgot to make a list of interviewees and I want to make sure I have everyone down! 

May 4th - Interview with Benson Shum: Disney Animator and Picture Book Author/Illustrator

May 5th - Have drafts for all the new/changed pages of my dummy "finished".

May 19th - Have reasonably good pencil drafts for my dummy.

May 30th - Have kitty dummy finals finalized.

Interview Schedule:

April 27th Jardan J. Scavone - Done!
May 4th Benson Shum
May 11th Katherine Locke
May 18th Ashley Howland

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