Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What Progress?

Crazy days have been happening lately my friend. I'm thinking most of these are because it's so close to summer! My children are feeling it and are determined to drive me crazy. They might do it too if I weren't already there!

What I'm Creating

I finished my post sticker for Monday Coffee this past Monday. You can join me for the linkup. I have Christy helping me with this project so it should be twice as fun. There are a few kinks to work out, but I'm sure we'll smooth them out over the coming weeks! I will be making one soon for What Progress, so you can join me for this too (or just choose one)!

I am still working on my draft for my dummy. I got distracted with using Clip Studio Paint lately. I finally found a paint tool that I feel comfortable using! So now my brain wants to work on all the digital work while also trying to get to work on a dummy and sent out work to publishers. FOCUS BRAIN, FOCUS! Slow down, work on one thing at a time. If you work on too much at once nothing will get done. Okay, I think I'm good now.


Ongoing - Find more people to interview.
May 19th - Have reasonably good pencil drafts for my dummy.
May 30th - Have at least one of my dummies finalized.

Interview Schedule:

April 27th Jardan J. Scavone - Done!
May 4th Benson Shum - Done!
May 11th Katherine Locke - Done!
May 18th Ashley Howland
May 25th Nick Patton

I will add more people to this list soon!

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