Friday, May 4, 2018

Fuzzy Tiger, Benson Shum

I'm not sure where I met Benson online, but I can't resist his art! He has such a range of cute characters that he creates. My favorites include his He-Man, seahorse drawing, tiger illustrations and really anything fuzzy (which is a lot of what he does). Who am I kidding? I love them all!


Dani: What was your education like?

Benson: I studied 2D animation at Capilano University in Vancouver, BC for 2 years, then worked locally for tv studios doing design and animation, but decided to go back to school to learn the computer side of things, and attended Sheridan College in Ontario to study Computer Animation.

Dani: How did you get started working for Disney?

Benson: It took me about 12 years to get to Disney. I got opportunities to work at various studios in TV, games, and VFX, which was amazing, as I believe every studio and friends I made and worked with got me here. In the fall of 2011, I attended an animation conference in Burbank called CTN Expo. It's an amazing conference where there are like minded artist, animators, illustrators in the industry. You can walk up to anybody and just start chatting with people that just got or getting into the industry, students, professionals and veteran artists. Disney had a booth there and was doing portfolio reviews, so I got in line. Luckily, they liked my demo reel and two months later, hired me for Wreck-it Ralph. It was pretty crazy. Luck and timing!

Dani: Do you have a favorite snack?

Benson: I love nuts! I can eat them any time, any day. That or a peanut butter sandwich, crunchy, not smooth! lol

Dani: What are some of the skills and ideas you bring from animation into your illustration?

Benson: I try to evoke emotions into my poses and story in my animation. We always try to get into the characters we animate, so I try to do the same when I'm illustrating.

Dani: What is your favorite thing to draw?

Benson: I love to draw cute animals, well every animal is cute, so just animals in general! And also diverse cultures and characters.

Dani: Where do you go from here?

Benson: I would love to keep writing, illustrating and animating and keep being creative. I get inspired by all the work I see on instagram, twitter and my colleagues. It's overwhelming, but in awe everyday.

Thanks Dani for this opportunity!

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  1. Thanks for this interview - Benson is awesome. I love his book, Holly's Day at the Pool.