Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Coffee

It's a late Monday Coffee today. I've been busy for most of the weekend. I delayed this post a little because I want to post some pictures.

All the grass and weeds removed.

Toddler is sick so I was a bit queasy this weekend and also exhausted because he messed our sheets at 4:30am Saturday morning (too much cleaning needed for that time of day). It was one of those things were I was better off getting up and doing things rather than sitting and working on my art! So I did a bit of gardening.

Have to get some of this clover out of the rosemary/spice pot
I've shown my window gardens already. They are getting quite big now and most (if not all) need to be transfered. For one thing I've got some naughty things going on in my window garden. The spinach has somehow spread to the lettuce, and there are CARROTS in the same container. WARNING: You may not want your child to see such smut. I'm ashamed that it happened in my own kitchen! Here is the shameful scene in picture form:

I know, it's almost too racy to show!

It's dirt overturned!

I know, I know, I need to do some more art right now. I'm taking a bit of a pause so I can get this garden up and going. I have until May long weekend to get everything planted and I want to get as much in the ground as possible! The plants in storage are falling over because they so want to be outside.

Anyone else working on a garden this week?
My other garden.

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