Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What Progress? May 9th

I'm really exhausted right now. I've just had a busy week running around. I worked on my garden over the weekend so that alone was enough to make for an exhausting week. 

What I'm Creating

When I'm tired I get bored easily. It's hard to focus on certain tasks. Especially if the task is sitting down and working. If I were polishing or painting my illustrations it's not hard to stay on task. 

In any case I've put my kitty dummy aside to work on a new project. Part of the problem with the kitty project is that I finished it and reimagining it is probably a bit more difficult than starting over. Especially since the story is wordless to begin with. I'm working on a new story with a baby in it. I also have another idea for a mermaid story. Hopefully I can travel between these and previous stories so I don't get bored. 


I'm not sure how far I'll make it with my schedule. Here is an update!

May 13th - Find more people to interview.
May 19th - Have reasonably good pencil drafts for my dummy.

May 30th - Have at least one of my dummies finalized.

Interview Schedule:

April 27th Jardan J. Scavone - Done!
May 4th Benson Shum - Done!
May 11th Katherine Locke
May 18th Ashley Howland
May 25th Nick Patton 

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