Monday, May 14, 2018

Join Me for Monday Coffee!

Here is your chance to join me every Monday for Monday Coffee! Every Monday I'll be posting my regular Monday Coffee posts with one little difference: A link-up so you can share your own Monday Coffee post! You will have a couple days to add your name, but do it right away so everyone can see your link!

What is Monday Coffee? Monday coffee is literally anything you want it to be. You could post tips for artist, what you did for the weekend, how you are feeling or anything you want! There are no wrong answers here. 

The Monday Coffee badge is below, and under that is a little button for you to put in your own link to your blog! This may take a few weeks to get going, but I'm hoping this becomes a fun thing to help creative people connect! Be sure to include the badge below (linked back to my blog) in your post.

I will be creating a badge for "What Progress?" soon as well. Might as well get this one started!  

1 comment:

  1. Lovely website, Dani!!! I'm looking forward to more coffee inspiration :)