Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's Up Wednesday! February 04

Been working hard getting things cleaned at my new place today. I'm so very happy to have lots of room at my new place. I'm also very happy to be getting rid of a lot of junk!

Next week will start my "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop! Me and several of my writer and illustrator friends will be sharing their picture books from High School or earlier. Monday I'm starting everything off so look forward to that. I also will try to post some old artwork this week keeping with the early works theme. These works will likely be from college and beyond, but I'll see what I haven't shown yet!

Interview Schedule:
February 6th - Rachel Elizabeth Cole
February 13th - Tatum Flynn
Don't worry, I'm working on getting more people to be interviewed soon!

I haven't been reading much this week. I'm behind on a few things. I'm hoping I'll have lots of time to read soon.

I did a fair job last week with my artwork. I did some quick sketches for a dummy I'm working on. Only problem is they mostly need re-worked quite a bit. Dummies don't have to be perfect, but they do have to have drawings (or sketches) that are all worked on evenly.

Every Day Possible
Dummy and coloring book work.

Wed 02/04 
What's Up Wednesday! Post... DONE!

Thursday 02/05-  Working on refining my current dummy!

Friday 02/06- Interview with Rachel Elizabeth Cole. Moving big stuff today!

Saturday 02/07- Moving more big stuff today!

Sunday  02/08 - Possibly moving things around in my new place or cleaning my current place.

Monday  02/09 - Cleaning and finding all the magical dust bunnies. Also the "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop starts today! I will be posting my bad picture book blog today. 

Tuesday  02/10 - TAKING THE DAY OFF and spending time with friends! Becky Fyfe will be posting her "Bad" Picture Book on her Blog today! 

My friend brought me two cups of coffee today!


Toddler Minding 
David and his friend Sebastian ran around the new place screaming bloody murder today. They both live.

Working out. I'm so very tired right now!

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