Friday, February 13, 2015

Interview With The Devilish Tatum Flynn

I am so sorry I'm so late posting this interview this week. I just remembered it was Friday a few hours ago!  

I love it when books travel far from the norm. I especially love fantasy stories that aren't all about the normal fairies, mermaids and princesses. (Those can be fun as well.) I especially love it when I find a person who is writing stories that I would have loved to read as a kid. Bonus when these are books that are for the MG -YA level. I find that there are far more books now that understand the minds of kids (maybe partly because there are just more books). 

I would have loved to read Tatum Flynn's "The Devil Diaries" when I was young. Her second book in the series. "Hells Bells" is set to be published January 2016 by Orchard Books! 


Dani: Why devilish kids books?

Tatum: The Devil told me to do it. Oh and possibly also because I have a fondness for funny mixed with scary, and unusual fantasy worlds, and because kids are the best people in the world to write for because they really LIVE their favourite stories.

Dani: Are devils truly evil?

Tatum: Some are. Some aren't so much. And certain twelve-year-olds really wish they were but just can't seem to get the hang of evilness no matter how hard they try, and keep accidentally ending up with kitten gifs instead of deadly computer viruses, or rainbows instead of napalm...

Dani: Finish the following thoughts:

1. I can't...

Gee, thanks. Now I'm thinking about all the things I can't do, like sing or marry Jason Momoa or make cakes without them coming out looking like overused bath sponges. Let's settle for 'I can't wait for my book to come out', although I'm actually quite terrified about it so that's not *entirely* true.

2. Writing is...

3. I'm always...

that friend who tells you to Do The Thing. Meanwhile I'm probably in bed with a stack of Calvin and Hobbes, Not Doing The Thing.

Dani: What's special about your work?

Tatum: Um. I'll leave that for my readers to decide. Though The D'Evil Diaries *is* the only kid's book set in Hell, featuring Lucifer's youngest son, a dead circus girl, a demon sloth, and carnivorous carousel horses that I know of, so there is that.

Dani: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Tatum: Yikes. Now I feel like I'm at a Christmas party with all my relatives. *hides behind sofa petting cats* To be happy, and for my books to make other people happy, I guess.

Bio: Tatum Flynn lives by the sea in England with a cat called Friday and too many hats. She has a soft spot for the word ‘ramshackle’, and a vagabond past which involves piloting lifeboats in Venezuela, playing poker in Las Vegas, shooting rapids in the Grand Canyon and almost falling out of a plane over Scotland. Her debut, THE D’EVIL DIARIES, will be out from Orchard/Hachette on the 2nd April 2015, with illustrations by the brilliant Dave Shephard, and a sequel, Hell's Belles, will follow January 2016. Find her on Tumblr (sometimes) and Twitter (far too often).

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