Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Blast From the Past

I'm leaving soon for my SCBWI Canada West Illustrators's meeting today. Wanted to share with you am illustration I did for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge on Facebook. The 52 Week Illustration Challenge is not a contest, but a place to have fun and share your work. Each week has prompts and illustrations have to be related to these prompts. It is a very safe place for illustrators since harsh criticism of work is not allowed! 

This illustration is for last week's theme, but I just finished it last night. The theme (for week 3) is Retro. Space Invaders (in case you haven't seen the game) is the game I used to fit the theme. I started this drawing out seriously, but then used it to play with my pencils more than make sure I got everything correct. It is so hard to show details from graphite especially if the graphite is done in a way that reflects the light. I did my best to edit the artwork in photoshop to look more like the original. I also added in some detail pictures. Enjoy!  

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  1. Ha! Space Invaders. Brings me fond memories. Talk about blast from the past. Love the scene you've created here, Dani! The details of the curtain is amazing, the characters are wonderful.