Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop! - Day 3

Today is the Third day of the The "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop! Imagine if all that bad stuff you did in elementary or high school was up for everyone to see. That's basically what we're doing here. Posting our Picture Books from High School or before! I am the organizer of this blog hop and will keep you up to date each day as to where to go next!

Here is the list of stops. I'll be adding new links throughout the week so you can check out the actual posts. 

Feb 9  - Dani Duck
Feb 10- Becky Fyfe

You are here ->Feb 11- Marcie Colleen

Feb 12- Mandy Yates
Feb 13- Sylvia Liu

Feb 16 Rachel Elizabeth Cole
Feb 17 Annina Wildermuth
Feb 18 Teresa MI Schaefer!blog/c66p

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