Monday, February 9, 2015

The "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop! - Day 1

Today marks the first day of The "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop! "Bad" as in Picture books that were created in High School or before. This blog hop is just for fun and giggles. I am the organizer of this blog hop and will keep you up to date each day as to where to go next!

Here is the list as it stands right now:

Feb 9  - Dani Duck
Feb 10- Becky Fyfe
Feb 11- Marcie Colleen
Feb 12- Mandy Yates
Feb 13- Sylvia Liu

Feb 16 Rachel Elizabeth Cole
Feb 17 Annina Wildermuth
Feb 18 Teresa MI Schaefer!blog/c66p

Here is my book in it's entirety! This was done by me in the 9th grade. The title is "Pewe's Wonderful Adventure" I laugh every time I read this story. Many of the characters were drawn from comic book characters. Some of my reference drawings were less reference and more literal. I believe the first picture was taken directly out of a book with a few additions (which is not something I would do today).

This story was typed and then cut and pasted to the book. It had a cardstock cover with the cover illustration affixed to it. The cover was bound by buttons and wire (my mom's idea) and the pages were put into plastic inserts. 

There were so many mistakes in this book so I welcome you to find them all. I had a kitten that looked like the kitten in the book, so I used her for reference. She was a tortoiseshell cat, so she could not be male. On to the book!


  1. That is awesome! I actually like the drawings because they are way better than I could have done at that age (and probably even now)! :)

  2. What a fun story. I love how the woman and the man near the end look like superheroes. I can see the comic influence there.