Friday, November 28, 2014

Interview with Cyndi Marko and a Book Giveaway!

Today on my blog I have the lovely Cyndi Marko! Cyndi is one of the members of my SCBWI (Canada West) region. It's so exciting when I get to interview someone who lives near me!

Cyndi is one serious chick. She's been working hard, boiling her stories that are quickly becoming a hit (let's hope for a TV series). These stories are about a crime fighting chicken duo. When I think of her stories I wonder: Why was this not a thing before?

Cyndi's first book that cracked open the way for her no so foul popularity is KPC #1 Let’s Get Cracking!  This book is now nominated for the Silver Birch Express 2015 award. Click here to see the Nomination! Let's all cross our fingers (or feathers if you don't have fingers) for her! 

As an extra special bonus today, Cyndi has generously donated two of her books for a giveaway. Be sure to enter this giveaway for your chance to win one of these softcover books! Before you do this, please be sure to read this entire interview first. Anyone who breaks the pecking order will be disqualified. Of course I have no way to know if any of you cluckers entered before reading, so there probably wont be any disqualifications.

Edit: I forgot to mention earlier that for the giveaway anyone can enter, but books can only be sent to the US and Canada. I made a note of everyone who entered the contest before this. If one of these people wins (and does not live in the US or Canada) I'll figure something out for them! Also I shortened the giveaway time. It was always meant to run just a week. Sorry about that!

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Dani: Why children’s books?

Cyndi: Writing and illustrating kids’ books is just something I’ve always wanted to do, and I always had a lot of encouragement from my English and Art teachers to pursue writing and art. But I think the biggest reason is because I can be as weird and as silly as I want, and kids will not only be okay with it, they’ll get it. At heart, I’m a big kid. Having to be a grown up seems like punishment in a lot of ways. I don’t wanna do the dishes!

Dani: Why DID the chicken cross the road?

Cyndi: SO funny you should ask that!! That question actually gets answered in KPC book 4, HEROES ON THE SIDE, which is out December 1st. *spoiler alert* To get to the bad guy on the other side.

Finish these thoughts:

1. My books are…

Cyndi: A little bit ridiculous. And I hope lots of fun! I’m usually giggling my pants off when I write or sketch something. So, yeah, I laugh at my own jokes. *hangs head in shame*

2. Readers should know…

Cyndi: Leotard wedgies are a real and constant threat. Be vigilant.

3. My secret is…

Cyndi: Secrets? What secrets? I don’t have any secrets. Why? Do you know something?

Dani: What’s special about your work?

Cyndi: I think my work has a slightly absurd, but a little bit charming, quality. I write/draw what would have made me laugh as a kid. It brings me immense joy to hear about kids running around saying Bok Bok Brains.

Dani: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Cyndi: Three words: World Chicken Domination.



  1. What a fun interview! Cyndi, I think the photo of you at the top is beautiful, but I love, love, love the one under #2. Your eyes are sparkling with fun and you look just as I imagaine the author of the KPC series. Congrats on all your books and on your award nomination! Best wishes on your new book birthday Dec 1.

  2. I LOVE absurd and quirky, this is the kind of thing my site "Talking Animal Addicts" [@TAA_Editor] LOVES to celebrate, doing wild and quirky things, all in the name of fun, justice, and (for some) love (yeah, the "mushy stuff" but it's optional for those under 13, afterwards, it can happen even if you wish otherwise...)

  3. What a talent!! Very proud of you.

  4. I told the Children's Librarian at my lib that she must buy these! They look fun and funny!

  5. Thanks so much everyone! :) and thanks again, Dani!