Friday, November 21, 2014

Interview with Illustrator Leila Nabih

I have the wonderful Leila Nabih on my blog today. Leila does adorably fun (mostly) digital illustration! She and I are working with a group of illustrators to put out a free coloring book...which I should be working on right now...

Right now on her webpage Leila has some wonderful Christmas Cards for the holiday season. If you love these cards (and what's not to love?) you just have to click on them to see where you can pick them up!

If you have a Mac or iPad you should pick up Leila's book "Imagine" off of iTunes! Don't click any of those links yet! Read the interview, fall in love with Leila and her work and then (ONLY THEN) you can click on her links to find out more about the fantastic Leila Nabih!

Dani: Why do you illustrate for children?

Leila: I have a billion gazillion stories to tell. I have a bursting imagination that I cannot contain. I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse.... For as long as i can remember, I've wanted to tell magical stories and capture the imagination and minds of children. Consequently, i chose, not only to write these down , but also to illustrate them. This is how and why i decided to quit the corporate world of publishing and focus on my writing and illustration skills. I'm still learning a lot ( it's barely been a year since i started this journey and I already feel like I've made a lot of progress) and i've still got some way to go before I 'make it' in this industry, but I'm determined to make it. Now, what I need to figure out, is the age range I should focus on, my signature style and how to 'officially' set myself up as a freelancer.

2. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Leila: I am..... My big bad wolf being "the fear of not being good enough". How does one know if one is ready to get out there and approach agents and publishers with one's work? Be it in illustration or writing, I'm afraid of putting myself out there. I know I'm the only one standing in my way... I know there is no such thing as 'being ready' ( one can never be ready really...), but I'm just still a bit reticent to get destructive criticism and rejections when i put so much of myself in everything i do. I'm trying to build up confidence through my audience, on my website, on my facebook page, on my blog, through Twitter, by participating in challenges, by responding to interview requests, by collaborating with other artists on special projects, and anything else that comes along... But the big bad wolf is hiding in the shadows, behind a tree, his white teeth glowing in the dark, holding a leash, pulling ever so lightly so i can't cross that life changing moment when i say "this is it".

My latest adventures (despite the big bad wolf) are :

-an interview on the website of Telaina Muir (

-an illustration for a colouring book as part of an artist collaborative project on the theme of monsters that will be published soon

-A new collection of prints and Xmas cards available on my Society6 store (

-a competition to produce a bookmark for the International Book Giving Day 2015 ( Illustration attached)

Dani: Finish these thoughts:
1. My greatest achievement...

My greatest achievement SO FAR (because I plan on achieving a lot of things in the upcoming future) has been to get a Diploma in Children Illustration with Merit from a renown London University.

2. I want to...

I want to be the best i can be. There are so many artists out there, so many people more talented than me. I just want to find my place among those stars.

3. I draw...

I draw because I love it. I draw because its the most satisfying way for me to express myself, say what and how i feel, and tell a story. I draw to find my inner child and stay young at heart.

Dani: What's special about your work?
Leila: I would hope that my work illustrates my world. Cute and cuddly characters, funny and quirky individuals with stories to tell. Animals or children one can identify himself/herself with, through their experiences and their emotions. Illustrations that make you feel fuzzy and fluffy and skip a step and dance.

Dani: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Leila: I would like to write and illustrate books that will be memorable for generations to come. Like Beatrix Potter, or Charles Perrault, or the Brothers Grimm or Dr Seuss.... Very ambitious I know, but what's the use of dreaming if you don't dream big?

You can follow me and my progress here:


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  1. she sounds like the real deal . . .honest , simple and above all . .FUN !