Friday, November 14, 2014

Interview with Deena Lipomi

Deena all prettied up!
I have the wonderful Deena Lipomi on my blog today. She has a wonderful sense of humor and was very fun to interview. After (and only after) you read this interview go and visit her blog for more fun! Have you read her blog? Did you see the library cat shirt donation? So hilarious! Deena has two books "Blackout" and "Deserted" I stole her link for the trailer for "Blackout" which you can view at the bottom of this post. To see the trailer for "Deserted" you have to visit Deena's website (because I can't make everything too easy)!

Dani: How does being a librarian change your writing?

Deena: Because I am so tuned in to the new YA and MG books being sold, published, and released so I can decide if they should be bought by our library, I am perhaps hyper-aware of stories/ideas that are close to my own, which can either be motivating (Must. Write. Faster!) or discouraging ("That author stole my idea!" although we've never met.) This happened to me three times this past year, twice with YA novels and once with an MG. So I don't think it changes my actual writing so much, but instead my motivation to write -- or give up on an idea.

Dani: Who left the gum on the floor?

Deena: I don't know about the floor, but it was a day of disgust when some colleagues and I went into the library on a weekend to rearrange some furniture, and when we turned the (14-year-old) study table on its side to move it -- EWWWW! The underside was COVERED in fossilized gum…AND I'D TOUCHED IT! So I guess the answer to "Who left the gum under the table," the answer is everyone.

Deena in Paris
Dani finish these sentences: 

1. Libraries are…

Deena: a place where everyone is accepted and welcomed…as long as they behave themselves.

2. I love to read…

Deena: young adult novels more than anything. But that is closely followed by middle-grade novels. Which is closely followed by great YA non-fiction. Which is followed by…OK, you get the idea. My TBR pile is about 12 books high right now. 

3. Nobody knows that…

Deena: Rather than finishing this sentence I am going to interrupt with this statement: There is probably nothing that nobody knows about me unless I don't know it myself. However, I will also say that nobody knows that public libraries are not quiet, calm, peaceful places to work unless they've also worked in one.

Dani:  What's special about your work?

Deena: I feel my writing and novels are special because they stem from places of truth. BLACKOUT was the result of a conversation with the mom of a babysitting charge I had in high school who was driving through the Pennsylvania countryside with her brother when they saw a UFO and never spoke of it again. The MG novel my agent is trying to sell is based on an old insane asylum community here in Rochester, NY. I hope the truth of the emotions related to these real places and experiences shine through the pages. 

Dani: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Deena: Wow, what a loaded question! Career wise, I would love to make enough money off of my novels to work as a YA Librarian 20 hours per week and write for 40 hours per week (now it is the opposite). But just as a general life goal, I hope to be a peaceful, loving, friendly person who makes the day brighter for others just by treating everyone well; I'd like to know I helped to dilute the population of not nice people in the world with my good intentions. 


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