Friday, July 18, 2014

Interview With Marcia Strykowski

Marcia Strykowski is a writer of Teen Fiction novels. Her first novel "Call Me Amy" was published in 2013. This book focuses on the life of Amy a teenager who finds a wounded young seal pup and the relationships that form surrounding this pup. Marcia's second novel "Amy's Choice" is the continuation of Amy's story. "Amy's Choice" deals with the strong decisions she must make in regards to the relationships she has made (both new and old).

Her website is reminiscent of a lovely day at the beach. Everything about her website and blog shows her natural affinity for the ocean. I can almost hear the waves splashing up against the side of my house as I do this interview. I know I haven't done justice in describing Marcia's books so I'll allow her to tell you more!


Dani: When you were a kid what was your dream job?

Marcia: Hmm, a tough question right off the bat. :) But I’m glad for it, because it’s made me remember how interested I was in puppetry when I was a kid. For years, I thought it would be awesome to be part of a puppet troupe, from making the puppets to performing. Now that I reminisce, I still think it would be great fun.

Dani: Red or blue?

Marcia: I guess I’ll choose red. I’ve always loved bright fire-engine red, although in the last few years, I’m partial to a variety of blue shades, too (as shown by my very blue website).

Dani: What inspired you to write your Amy books?

Marcia: The setting for Call Me Amy and Amy’s Choice developed from strong memories of my grandparents’ home on the coast of Maine. Amy started out as a short story, but kept evolving until eventually it became two ‘tween’ novels. Once I got started, I felt motivated to tell Amy’s story and how she finds the courage to speak up and believe in herself.

Dani: How did you do the research for “Call me Amy” and “Amy's Choice”?

Marcia: I did a lot of online checking to make sure everything was true to the setting and time period. I also used one of those novelty-type calendars that displays important events, music, TV shows, etc. of 1973. Between the two books, I attended a seal release where, after much nurturing, the recovered seal pups are returned to the ocean—my favorite kind of research! The photograph shows the first seal heading down to the water.

Dani: Which of these two books was hardest to write?

Marcia: Book one, Call Me Amy, took forever to write, partly because I kept putting it down and partly because I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, at first. Book two, Amy’s Choice, pretty much wrote itself in less than a year.

Dani: Are your future books going to focus on Amy, or do you have something new in mind?

Marcia: I am working on something new for the same age group. My third novel will have a completely different setting and characters. It will feature a boy with a unique pastime who lives in a big city.


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  1. Attending a seal release would be so neat! I wish I could see the ocean regularly. Alas, I'm land bound! =) But Maine is definitely on my bucket list to visit someday.

  2. The seal release was amazing!
    Dani, thanks so much for hosting these interviews. Your questions were fun!

  3. Puppetry sounds fun but I'm glad you became an author! As a child of the 70s, I can only imagine how enjoyable the research must have been. Loved the first book and can't wait for the second!

  4. Oh you lucky thing I would love to be at a seal release!
    Thanks for sharing this interview Dani.