Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview With Cynthia Kennedy Henzel

Cynthia Henzel and Her Grandson
Cynthia Kennedy Henzel is a writer, gardener, cook, and avid reader. She loves traveling, learning, remodeling her house, and the outdoors. Her past jobs have included salesman, librarian, teacher accountant, educational content developer and (of course) writer. It is these things, that help Cynthia write both Nonfiction and Fiction alike. Her middle grade novel, Myth Rider is coming out in February 2015. She also has several more books coming soon including "Unglued", "Neil deGrasse Tyson", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" "Focus Books -- Energy", "The Great Land Run", and "Focus Books -- Books Earth, Moon, and Sun". You can see the rest of Cynthias books on her website here!


Dani: Other than writing, what are some of your interests?
Reading a-z (2014)

Cynthia: I have way too many! I love to travel and have been to 48 states and over 30 countries. I like to remodel houses. Garden. Spend time with the grandkids. Read about science and history. Cook especially making bread. I'm learning more about sports, especially hockey and soccer.

Dani: What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?
Cynthia: In the summer in Tucson, I go outside! It's going to be too hot in a couple of hours to do anything outdoors. In winter, I usually start writing after the first cup of coffee.

Caramel Tree 2014

Dani: You mostly work in nonfiction. How many hours of research goes into each book?

Cynthia: It depends on the timeline I'm given and the subject. I tend to over-research. For a very short forthcoming biography of Neil deGrasse Tyson I will likely read 5 or 6 books and spend a couple of hours to a day on the Internet, then contact him if I have questions.

Caramel Tree 2014
Dani: Could you give us some information about getting into nonfiction books?

Cynthia: I worked as an science education consultant with a NASA program and had written some stories for children's magazines so had some credits. When I started writing full time I put in submissions to everywhere I could find. Very few came to anything, but I did get a few hits. Having an area of expertise -- I've got an MS in Geography -- was helpful.

Dani: Congratulations for having so many new books coming out. Could you please tell us about them?
Coming Soon in 2014!
Cynthia: I'm working on a lot of things right now. I've got 2 series of K-2 science books, Energy and Earth, Moon, and Sun, for Science a-z. An historical fiction, The Great Land Run, is coming from Reading a-z and I'm working on the Tyson biography for them. I'm doing a condensation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for Caramel Tree. And, my first middle grade novel, Myth Rider, is coming out next February so I'm finishing the editing.

Dani: Which one of new books was most difficult to write?
Cynthia: Definitely Myth Rider. It is historical fiction set in the country of Georgia and in Oklahoma so there was a lot of research. It has an unusual format and several twists. I worked on it several years.

Cynthia scuba diving in Maldives

Dani: What are you writing about now?

Cynthia: I'm working on another mg novel that is set in Maldives. (That's me in the scuba diving picture) It is magical realism and touches on global warming. I also have an historical mg set in Ukraine that is out on submission. I went to Mongolia about a year and a half ago and have started playing with another novel that will be set there.


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  1. Thanks for inviting me to stop by, Dani!

  2. Such a great interview! Cyndy is so prolific I can hardly believe it, especially with all the other things that she does! She is so very inspiring. xoxo

  3. Hey Cyndy! Great interview! Please believe me when I say that Cyndy has played a major part in my development as a writer and I owe her a lot! I am so excited for the avalanche of Henzel books coming out in 2015!

  4. Hi Cyndy! Great interview! I can't wait to hold your books iny hands in 2015! Cyndy is such an inspiration and is always so helpful in my process. I owe her a lot too!