Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: The Wednesday Edition

Little David got sick Sunday, so my mind has been on his stomach bug since then. Also wasn't feeling well the past couple of days, but I didn't catch what he had thank goodness. I do have an interview in line for Friday!

What I'm Reading

Hoping this will be a better week for reading Julius Ceasar Brown and The Green Gas Mystery. I haven't had a good reading day in a long time!

What I'm Writing/Drawing 

I was able to do some painting last week. This week will be harder because of David being sick. I'm hoping to finish these paintings soon!

I got to connect with my 12 x 12 critique group. I'm in a group with Karen Konnerth and Cecilia Clark. They are both writers and illustrators so I'll be able to show them things in both areas. 
I decided to go with a smaller group this year.  It makes everything more personable. Also I'm 
loving my new critique mates so that's going to make things that much better!

The YA novel I've been working on has been difficult. I stopped for a couple of days because of David being
so sick. I'm up to 5,639 words, so I'm not doing horribly bad!

Every Day Possible
-  Portfolio Work
- Writing my YA novel

Wed 03/12
- Post What's Up Wednesday Post - done on Thurdsay
- Being driven to insanity ONE sick toddler  - CHECK

Thursday 03/13
- Hope that my son is feeling better. 

Friday 03/14
- Hopefully having a great day!

Saturday 03/15
- Doing all the things.

Sunday 03/16


Monday 03/17

- Finding Nemo.

Tuesday 03/18

- Blog review - Don't forget this!

- Having fun with David.

Wednesday 03/19

- What's Up Wednesday!

What Inspires Me Right Now

Candy - even though I'm not eating any. Why am I not eating candy right now?

What Else I've Been Up To

Baby Minding 
Sick, sick toddler. Poor little guy!

Still thinking about classes to take at the community center!

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  1. Hi, Dani! I hope your sick kiddo is feeling better now. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines