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Interview With Tracey M. Cox

I am happy to have Tracey M. Cox on my blog. I thought for certain that I had done a blog review with her in the past, but it seems that's not the case (I will have to remedy that in the future). I did write a blog post for her blog ages ago and have enjoyed reading her blog since I've discovered it's existence.

Tracey is the author and photographer for the book Arachnabet. I wont hesitate to say you are going to love reading what Tracey has to say even if you don't like spiders. I don't like spiders and I very much enjoyed reading her answers to my questions. Now without further ado here is my interview with Tracey. 

One last thing that I have to mention. I keep spelling Tracey's name wrong. I'm so sorry for that! (Not that she's ever complained. She's awesome like that.

Here is part of Tracey's bio in her own words. To see the whole bio click here
When the boys were little, I told them stories at bedtime. Stories of heroes and villains, giants and bears, and all sorts of other characters, and the adventures they all went on. One night Austin asked if I knew any other stories. I thought really hard and remembered my papa's story of three frogs and how they had to find a new home. When I finished the story Nelson said, "Mom, THAT would make a cool book!" and he fell fast asleep. I thought, "Why not?" 

That January night in 2000 was when I decided to become a children's writer. I haven't looked back since. I have stepped forward by joining organizations, taking classes, doing writing challenges, reading a lot of 'how-to' books, attending conferences, and talking with my fellow children's writers. 

Dani: What is the first book you remember buying?

Tracey: Oh my... I have bought so many I can't remember which one was first. *laughing* I can say that I don't ever remember a time when there weren't books present in my house.

Dani: Talk Radio, Book on CD or Music in the car?

Tracey: Music. I love to sing. My second passion. :)

Dani: What inspired you to write Arachnabet?

Tracey: Would you believe it is because I was looking through a book catalog. I noticed this one publishing house had tons of ABC books, but none on spiders...
And the idea stuck.

Dani: Did Arachnabet have to be about scary spiders?

Tracey: :) The majority of the spiders in the book are not poisonous. I agree about scary spiders though. I do NOT like spiders to the point of hyperventilating not liking them. After nine months of research, I have found that I'm not as scared of them anymore. In fact, some of them are really beautiful! BUT I don't go looking for them. hahaha.

Dani: What can you tell us about Christmas Angels with Guardian Angel and The Children at the Playground?

Tracey: Christmas Angels deals with Volunteerism. It takes the view point of two children... one who is well off and one who isn't. They both learn that the gift of giving is wonderful.
The Children At the Playground is a remix of The Wheels on the Bus and explores the different things to do at the playground and promotes exercising.

Dani: How does doing photos for a picture book differ from illustrations?

Tracey: I think with pictures what you see is more concrete. It shows you things that have happened. Illustrations give your mind more access to the possibilities.

Dani: Please tell us about your involvement in the Books Love & Taters Book Festival.

Tracey: I am the director and owner of Books Love & Taters Book Festival. I live in a small rural community in South Georgia. Our closest book festival is over 3 hours away. :( I saw a need to promote literacy in my community. Our literacy rate is not very good. After several years of planning, I launched the Books Love & Taters Book Festival to coincide with the Georgia Sweet Potato Festival that takes place in my town on the same day. Our little community of 4,000 spikes to close to 10,000 for the weekend. I use the arts & crafts venue (that our local mental & physically challenged facility puts on as their fundraiser) to hold the book festival event. This gives us tons of foot traffic and what better way to showcase authors and their books AND get people excited about literacy.

Dani: What's next for you in your career?

Tracey: I'm taking my doodling to another level. :) Yep, I want to begin illustrating. I also want to be able to support myself fully as an author. So my Author Visits are top on that list too. I don't think I will ever stop challenging myself. :) Learning is fun and it is also growth.

Here are the links:
twitter: @traceymcox

Tracey M. Cox
children's book author

Local Liaison of South Georgia for Southern Breeze Region of SCBWI
Books Love & Taters Book Festival, Director
Shaping Up the Year - Guardian Angel Publishing (June, 2009)
Ribbert's Way Home - Guardian Angel Publishing (October, 2010)
Liddil Gets Her Light - Guardian Angel Publishing (June, 2011)
Just the Thing To Be - Guardian Angel Publishing (December, 2011)
Angels Do That - Guardian Angel Publishing (August, 2012)
Arachnabet - Guardian Angel Publishing (January, 2013)
Cam's Asthma - 4RV Publishing (Sept/Oct, 2015)

Dani: I sincerely apologize for any weird formatting that may have occurred with this post!


  1. Thank you Dani. You make me sound eloquent! I had fun doing this.

  2. Hi Tracey,

    Lovely interview and good luck you with your new venture into illustrating. Very exciting.

    Dani, wonderful blog. This is my first time visiting and I'm now a follower.


    1. Thanks, Donna.
      I'm always up for an adventure.

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    1. That happened to me yesterday too! I'm not sure what's up with Google right now! You can always follow me on Twitter at I always mention my blog posts there. Not excessively, though. I like moderation.

  4. Great interview, Tracey and Dani. I enjoyed both your sites! Wishing Tracey much success, as always!

    1. Thanks, Penny!
      Much success to you too!

  5. Great interview. Enjoying your sites. Yay!
    Kit Grady

  6. Wonderful interview. I love the idea of the "Books Love & Taters Book Festival." Good luck on your school visits!

  7. Loved the interview and learning more about Tracey, her books, and her aspirations. I have no doubt she will succeed! Thanks for featuring her, Dani!

  8. I love what Tracey said at the end of the interview about always challenging herself. This is a VERY inspirational interview. THANK YOU!

  9. Fantastic interview! Tracey has such a fun personality, it clearly shows through in her answers above. And I dare say that her books also reflect the themes :) I can't wait to see what her doodles would look like!
    Thanks for sharing on the hop!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  10. Great interview, Dani and Tracey. Tracey, I love spiders and am glad you wrote this book. It looks beautiful. It's a great way to have kids understand spiders and promote literacy at the same time. Alphabet books are very popular. Best of luck with your book and your tater festival.