Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cherie Colyer's Blog

Cherie Colyer writes Young Adult and Middle Grade Fantasy Novels. Many of the interviews and books reviewed on her site also fall into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. If you are looking for a great fantasy book you will definitely want to check out Cherie's site. You can visit her blog here:

One fun part about Cherie's blog is that she has a great amount of Cover Reveals. Because of this you get to enjoy a lot of fun art/photography on the covers of these books. If cover art isn't enough for you, then rejoice. There are lots of book trailers on Cherie's blog as well. If you are a writer you might get some ideas for your own book trailer (Bonus)!

There are a lot of Interviews, Cover Reveals and Giveaways on Cherie's blog. When any book is introduced on the site Cherie is sure to include all the important information. There is the basic publishing information including the price of the book, but Cherie doesn't stop there. Almost without fail every book has a synopsis, author bio, where to find it, and a link to Goodreads so you can put the book to your to read list! It's really everything you need to know about a book before picking it up.

Cherie's Giveaways are second to none. If it's swag you are after you will find it on her blog. I was floored with the shear amount of giveaways she had! I counted three giveaways on the first view-able page of her blog! Many of these may be finished by the time you read this. Do not despair! All of these contests ran in the second half of March. I can not guarantee that there will be a ton of giveaways next month, but I can say that if she did a bunch one month, then there almost certainly will be tons in the future!

There is so much to Cherie's blog and I just realized that I'm not sure if I can cover it all in this post! The layout of the blog is fantastic. Yes, blogger blogs are all very similar, but some are very cluttered and others are quite nice. Everything goes nicely together. The fonts, photos, colours, links, ect all go together quite well. It is very organized and I am not shocked at all at the number of followers she has gained. Well deserved indeed.

I can't finish this review without mentioning Cherie's resources! She has a ton of writing resources. Unlike many sites she isn't just focusing on the adult writers. She has a whole section of resources for teen writers! These include a few books and a great amount of online resources for teen writers. Under resources -> writers are some great articles that Cherie has written from her own writing experience. She also has a ton of links of interest to all writers.

I loved exploring Cherie's blog. Fantasy books are my bread and butter. Don't get me wrong, I read all sorts of books, but I have a soft spot for Fantasy stories. I will keep going back in the future to find more books to read! Before I sign off I want to say that Cherie Colyer's new book "Challenging Destiny" is now available on Kindle! You can read more about her book on her website: There is also a lot of information about the book on her blog as well, so check it out!


  1. Hi Dani. Thanks so much for telling others about my blog. =)

  2. I've read Cherie's blog, and it is fabulous! Thanks for sharing this great resource, Dani!

  3. Congratulations, Cherie! I'll be checking out your blog. Nice review, Dani!