Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anna Todaro's Blog

Okay, I'm going to admit to searching specifically for an illustrator to review for my blog today. I have nothing against writers being one myself, but I feel like I've been giving the writers all the love! Illustrators deserve love too! (<-Possible bumper sticker idea?) This week I'm reviewing Anna Tordaro's blog. You can visit Anna's blog here:

A lot of Anna's work is in acrylics. She uses very soft colours. I'd almost say that her entire portfolio is filled with a pastel pallet, except that she offsets her softer colours with vibrant hues. I also feel there is a bit of a native influence on Anna's paintings. I think it's the strong, defined shapes she has in many of her paintings (especially those with bird wings). Nature also plays a prominent role in her paintings even when the painting is a portrait which further makes me feel there is a bit of a native influence (though I don't see any evidence of this on her blog). She is influenced by folk art, and this is quite evident in her paintings. I don't know if I would categorize Anna's art as folk because her paintings are a bit too ethereal for that. One quality that I love about her acrylic paintings is that they very much feel like watercolour paintings. You can view her artwork here and tell me what you think:

I think I'd be wrong to categorize Anna as just an illustrator, because she is much more than that. From what I've seen of Anna's blog she is just as much of a writer as she is an illustrator. After scanning through a few short posts I began to see a few of Anna's stories/poems. The rhyming poems are quite funny and whimsical. I think of the three I saw I like the Mother Heron story the best. This story is very folk, but also seems a bit Native. I do want to ask Anna herself about this, but I also a firm believer that art speaks louder than words. Sometimes I also find that it ruins the effect knowing too much about a paintings back story!

If you fall in love with Anna's art (which I'm sure you will) there are many ways you can own a bit of her art (without breaking into her house and stealing it... shame on you for even thinking that!). Anna's very first book, "Everyone Hoops but me" is for sale on her website: She also has a Etsy shop filled with wonderful prints and originals of her artwork. You can find that here:  I'm sure there is something there you will need.

I love Anna's art style and her blog is a fun place to explore. I expect to see a lot more of Anna's work in the future. She is in the 12x12 along with me, so I hope to see a picture book from her soon. Fingers crossed that she makes it big!

Come back (late) tomorrow and see my latest interview!

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