Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin isn't just a talented illustrator, but she is also a designer as well. You might think these are similar fields, and you aren't wrong, but just because a person can do one, it doesn't mean that they can do the other. I spent some time in graphic design myself, and there is a lot of technical information you need that is different than that of what an Illustrator needs to know.

With all the things that she has taken on, I'm shocked that Wendy has time to work on her blog at all. Yes she does design and illustration, but she also works in fabric as well!  How do I know this? I snuck onto her facebook page and got all the dirt... actually clean details. Unfortunately there was no dirty secrets there, just a lot of links to her Corsets, Masks, Steampunk Clothing, Home & Garden items, and of course links to her blog. She has a lot of cute items and fun fantasy clothes she sells. Don't believe me? Check it out here:

Wendy's blog mostly focuses on her own illustration and interviews with other illustrators. Reading the interviews will give you a lot of insight to the book industry as well as a special look at great artists. Wendy has a large amount of drawings that you can print out and give to a child to colour. There are also a lot of nice sketches from when she did a daily sketch month.

If you are browsing Wendy's website you will see a lot of illustrations that are whimsical and many are fantasy based. She has illustrated more than a few books and there are lots of illustration samples from each. I said that she did a lot of design work and these include: Cover Art, Fine Art, Banners, Art Licensing, Logo and Icon design. Honestl,y I don't know how she does it all! (She says how here: but it's still hard to believe!)

You are going to find a lot of information when you browse Wendy's site. On her webpage: (you wont find it if you are on her blog). You will find a step by step process on how she created her earthworm picture under "About the Artist" you will also find a book about creating picture book dummies (but only on her blog) if you click on the same link on her blog. It's a great price for invaluable information! Also don't miss out on her FAQ this information is information you NEED to know if you are in the picture book industry.

One last link for you to look at: if you want to follow Wendy on Twitter!  I hope you enjoyed this review! Next week I'm reviewing Catherine A. Winn. Is it silly to say that her blog is win?

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  1. Thanks for the thorough visit Dani! Sorry you couldn't dig up any dirt on me. I guess I've been a kid's book illustrator for so long, I'm all clean and squeaky.