Sunday, March 3, 2013

How Do You Make Your Online Friends?

This might seem like a strange topic for this blog, but if you know me you know that I'm a strange person. For those of us who network a lot we all have different tactics to how we make our online friends. Should I say "friends" since we don't always know one another well when we start.

When I was a lot younger I spent a good deal of time in chat rooms. If you find the right strangers the conversation in chat rooms can be a lot of fun. When I use to use chat rooms a lot I would rarely add someone as a friend. I would always wait until they added me. Since the rooms were always small enough I could be come well known without taking the first step. Wouldn't that be perfect if all social media was like this?

Moving up to Facebook was a bit more of a challenge. The people you already know and are friends with outside of the computer are always easy adds. You get into a group and start talking to people and it's a different story. Usually people are easy going about adding you as a friend, but some people are very restrictive to who they add. Here I generally add people according to who I would like to get to know better and already have had some interactions with on or off Facebook. . This can still be difficult for me, because there is always a small fear of rejection.

Twitter I find is one of the easiest for making friends (or "friends"). I add people even if I know very little about them here. There are some people who will add until that person follows them, and then stop following that person. I think this is a vain attempt to get a higher following rate than those the person is following. If your Tweets are interesting and you become popular you wont have to worry about this. For me I only add people who are interesting and share my interests. I wont follow someone who I don't like (or am unsure about). I also wont remove anyone unless I have a good reason. I do have a habit of un-following people by accident.

I think most of my best online friendships have come from either chat rooms or online message boards. I think it's very important to find people in which you share an interest so that it's easier to make the friendship last. Trying to make friends with people who have interests of which you know nothing about is near impossible. You need to have shared interests so you both can have an interest in one another.

That in a nut shell is basically how I find my online friends, how do you find yours?


  1. I don't think I'm online enough to really keep up with twitter, but I do have a lot of friends on facebook. I've made some real close friendships, even though I've never met the people in person. It's like having instant penpals. I keep a facebook list of people who are more than just "friends" who I want to keep up with no matter how busy I am, that way I don't have to sort through the feed or worry about fb not showing my friends'status. I'll friend anyone who asks and keep them unless they start something odious. I ask writers, illustrators, musicians and artists I want to keep up with to be friends and I never unfriend them. I guess facebook and blogs are easier for me than twitter. I just started using twitter, so I may grow into it. Think I'll go follow you on twitter, but don't expect any mass tweets from me. :)

  2. I hated Twitter at first but now I like using it. I think for me it was seeing it's use. It seems like it's just status updates, but it's so much more than that. There is a large sharing of ideas and conversations on every subject. I love that it forces us to be concise. Big ideas can be expressed in just a few words. I think it's helped me in my writing that way. Not that I'm very concise, but it does make me think about what I'm writing.