Friday, March 22, 2013

Major Malfunction

So I've made posts from time to time on my iPhone.  I don't like doing it because it takes a lot more time and the spell checker can be a terrible thing.  Thursdays I'm supposed to post about a blog/webpage about a writer or illustator, but this week is different.  How is it different?  My Laptop crashed hard.  Tells me there is a hard drive failure.  So now I'm stuck without a computer and while I love making my posts about the blogger of the week it's just not going to be possible this week.  So computer failed (might have lost tons of important things), baby is still sick an lots of other things that I'd rather not mention by name have made this a very bad month.  What else is going to go wrong?

Dear Karma,

I think I've earned enough credit in this month alone to deserve a new computer.

 Lots of love,


  1. It'll be interesting to see how much off-line work you get done during this forced time off-line. Good luck and I hope karma comes through for you.