Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Posemaniacs is an interesting website for referencing art. This website has hundreds of 3-d models to draw from. I could say that all these models are nude, but it's more scandalizing than that! These models pose without their skin as well! It shamef... actually it's an excellent reference for those really wanting to know the muscular system. The models are tastefully posed, and a few of them show motion.  Originally this website needed to be translated, but I believe they have an english site now. There is an iPhone app for random poses -this is the only way you are going to see anything on your phone, because this site runs on Flash. A small problem with the site is it only has 20 child poses, and the child is the same age in all of these. Also you can only zoom in so close to the models which can be a bit frustrating. Here's the link:

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