Friday, September 7, 2012

Favourite Resources: Dani Draws

Probably one of the greatest resources I can point any potential illustrator to is Dani Jones' web site: We both have the same first name but I can assure you that we bare no relationship! To reiterate: This is NOT my website. I only say this because I have had a minor incident where someone thought this was my website! I would love her work to be mine and to be well established in the industry, but that is still a ways into my future.

Dani's blog has just about anything you could want to know about Children's Picture Book Illustration. Many of her tutorials are based on doing artwork in Photoshop, but the information she shares is not limited to that medium or even how-tos for drawing. She has tutorials for things like: Digital Comic Books, Website Design,  Detailed Photoshop/Painting How-tos, and Submitting Illustrations for Publication.  On top of this she does Reviews for Books, Conferences, and Artist's Tools. Another bonus to her site: She does live drawings on Ustream and you can talk to her (and other people) while she draws. I've yet to experience this myself. If Dani doesn't have the information you need, then you  just need to look as far as her links to find out what you need to know!

Dani Draws is an invaluable resource for any children's illustrator. I love her expressive and whimsical style. I honestly don't know what I would have done without this website! Her posts have kept me inspired and helped me out through the long road to publication. Please check out her website!

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