Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drawing How to Draw

I almost forgot to post today. Silly me! So today I'll introduce you to a website called Drawing How to Draw This website has a wealth of information on how to draw different things in many different styles.

One of my favorite parts about this website, at least the cartoon portion, is that you can draw online while you learn. There is a box that shows up on the right hand side of your screen. You just use the tools there so that you can follow the instructions while you are being taught. It's not at all as advanced as anything like Photoshop, but it is a fun addition to the website.

This website has a whole community to go along with it. There are forums, contests, a draw chat, collections of drawings, a place to upload your own tutorials and more. The biggest drawback of this website is the sheer amount of ads you will encounter just being on the site. Pop-ups, moving ads, and more do distract from an otherwise wonderful website. This website is for all ages, so check it out and get drawing!

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