Sunday, September 16, 2012

Benjamin Martin and Samurai Awakening

I asked on a message board for some writers/illustrators to give me their links so that I could review their websites. Benjamin Martin ( was the first to stand up. This is why I'm reviewing his websites today. His new book "Samurai Awakening" will be available for purchase in October of this year.

What drew me to read more about Benjamin's writing was in fact his blog that has nothing to do with writing.  His blog: contains a wealth of information about life in Japan. Not only does Benjamin blog about large events in Japan, but he also writes about details that most people would ignore. Food might seem like a small thing to some, but it's very interesting to see the finer details between eastern and western cultures. This blog has vivid pictures, detailed information about events and a unique insight of Japan today.

The reason I mention the blog before the book is that Benjamin's blog shows that he really understands the culture in Japan. It might seem like a small thing, but it's very important when writing a book (especially when writing a book like this) to get the details correct. I have yet to read his book, but reading his blog makes me eager to get a hold of this book (it will be available in October). No doubt it will be full of Japanese culture, good writing and a bit of mysticism for good measure. Benjamin's website has a wealth of information on the book including news, events and even a glossary of Japanese words used in the book. Be sure to check it out and pick yourself up a copy of "Samurai Awakening". I know I will!

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