Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What Progress -- Smart Dummies Update 1

Had a bad day today. Sinuses aren't being nice to me and that's causing panic attacks! 

What I'm Creating:

I've been focusing on Smart Dummies a lot right now. I have 4 confirmed guests so far and several requests out there!

I'm hoping we can choose a winner for the logo contest soon! 


The first request for a quote on the Smart Dummies Planner printed copy must have gotten lost in the email. I've sent another request and hope to get a price soon JIC anyone wants a printed and spiral bound copy. I'm going over the planner now to see if I can spot any mistakes that I've made. 

July 15th - Send out requests for Smart Dummies' posts.

July 16th - Finish up the Smart Dummies planner (at least enough for a pre-sale on printed copies).

Share your progress here! Don't know what to do? 

  What Progress? is created by Dani Duck. It is a Wednesday event for you to share your progress!

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