Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Coffee: Smart Dummies Planner On Sale Now!

I was just about to fall asleep and I realized that I hadn't made a post for tomorrow! This is important because the Smart Dummies planners are up for Pre-Sale now on ETSY!

Sample Planner Cover
Why order a planner when you can download the free .PDF? It would help out Smart Dummies a lot! This will help me get the money to continue doing the Smart Dummies logo contest with a every year and add new contests and help every year.

The Smart Dummies planner is printed with a full color cover. The book will be spiral bound so the pages open flat. Inside I will write a personalized note and likely draw a silly picture! Also you don't have to worry about printing.

This book includes a timeline for both the pre-event in August (for those who want to get a head start) and for those just working in September. There are several pages of workbook material and a planner that runs July 29th - September 30th!

IF you plan to do the Pre-Event in August please order the planner ASAP! They might take as long as 2 weeks to get to you.

If you are planning to do just the September event please order the planner by August 15th.

If you order late you can always download the planner free and print any of the pages you need early.

Order here:

Please contact me if you live outside of the US/Canada and want a printed planner!
Sample Planner Page

A portion of all sales goes to Rob Peters whose lovely illustration is the logo for this year's Smart Dummies Event.

You may qualify for a free planner! If you've donated around $20 in the past please see if you qualify for a free planner!

Want another way to help out Smart Dummies? You can always choose to be a patron: or send me a coffee with KoFi:

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