Friday, June 12, 2015

The Paper Twins Are HERE!

As promised, here are my new paper dolls! I will be posting a new set of clothes (with possible accessories) every week. The dolls are made so the clothes can be reversible, so everything is made so it will fit on both dolls! (Just don't forget to flip the clothing horizontally on your computer before printing).

I have cut out and tested the clothing for both of these dolls (a grueling process :P). If you have a problem with the quality, printing or the clothes -- contact me and I'll fix what's wrong! The dolls have no hair, because it was just so much easier for me to make hair for bald dollies. 

Edit: Just want to clarify the copyright is to discourage people to sell these, mass produce them or steal my paper dolls for their website. You may use these dolls for classrooms, daycares, camp or any other project for a large group of people! 

For best results: Save the dolls onto your computer. Print the dolls on card stock. If you don't have card stock, then you can glue the dolls to cardboard and cut them out when dry. Clothing can be printed on regular printing paper.

For long hair: Cut the solid line above the dotted line. A crafting/small utility knife works best. Children ask your parents to help you with this!


  1. Wow Dani, what a GREAT idea. I loved paper dolls as a child! I introduced them to my daughter, but had forgotten about them now for nearly 15 years. Thanks for promoting a come back for this 'historical' treasure. Teresa

  2. Cute! I've always loved paper dolls. Their little outfits look like superhero costumes which ties in nicely with library programs around the U.S. this summer: Every Hero Has a Story.