Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dani's Updates - June 10th

It's funny how things change in a week. I am temporarily putting interviews on hold. I may pick up one or two over the next few months, but I wont be actively seeking interviews. I have a big blog event I want to do in September. I want to focus my energies on this for now.

Tons of picture books. My son and I went to the library Tuesday and we picked up brand new copies of "The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say MOO" and "I'm Not Reading!" both by Jonathan Allen and "Cowboy Camp" by Tammy Sauer and illustrated by Mike Reed. All fun books. We'll be getting more Tuesday because it's the start of the Summer Reading Program!!

This week I will be doing dummy work and a portrait for a friend. Also on FRIDAY I plan to release a new paper doll on my blog. I have the dolls (male and female) done, but I need to get the clothing done. I hope to have at least one set of outfits this Friday, and every Friday after post up new outfits. For this you could pay millions of dollars, but it will be absolutely free! (Good deal, no?) You can just mail me checks for the millions you would have paid. ;)

Here is a first look at the paper dolls. They aren't 100% finished (so feel free to leave comments). I did want to make them alike. Tell me what you think!

Every Day Possible
Portrait Work and Paper Dolls!! Plus dummy work

Wed 06/03 Write Dani's Updates... Done! 

Thursday 06/03-  Portrait and paper doll work.

Friday 06/04 - Posting new paper dolls!

Saturday 06/05 - Continuing dummy work.

Sunday  06/06 - Chocolate

Monday  06/07- Dreaming of Genie. 

Tuesday  06/08 - Story time and starting the Summer Reading Program

Wednesday  06/09 - Update Day!

Not feeling quite so tired.


Toddler Minding 
He's got a new pool!

I hate fans. Fans are evil.

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