Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dani's Updates - June 24

It's been another crazy week, but in a good way. I'm hoping to sign an illustration contract soon, which will give me the funding to have a bit more time to illustrate.  I'm applying for a few other freelance jobs this week. I was able to send out my coloring book manuscript to an agent last week, so fingers crossed!

Today is #PBpitch day on Twitter. You can pitch your picture book by including #PBpitch in your pitch. They are only looking for manuscripts or manuscripts with illustrations as I understand it, so I wont be able to pitch my wordless books. Good luck to you if you are pitching today! 

Read so many books this week! Bug Patrol written by Denise Dowling Mortensen and illustrated by Cece Bell was one of my favorites this week. The characters were really cute, and the sound words were a lot of fun to read.

I have paper doll clothes to finish digitizing in the next couple of days. I need to work on a portrait of a kid's friend. There are some emails that I need to send, but I'm trying to figure out the best time to send them.  I also need to get cracking on another picture book dummy.

Every Day Possible
Working on all the things.

Wed 06/24 Write Dani's Updates...done!

Thursday 06/25 - Drawing, drawing and more drawing!

Friday 06/26 - Posting new paper doll clothing. I think I have super hero clothes this week!

Saturday 06/27 - Seeing a baseball game.

Sunday  06/28 - Dead from the lack of sweet tea.

Monday  06/29- Mourning coffee.

Tuesday  06/30 - Buying ear plugs. 

Wednesday  06/01 - Update Day!

Finally getting some plants in the garden.


Toddler Minding 
He runs so fast. This is not a good thing.

Who has time for ect.?

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  1. I love having a list of things to do ^_^ It's always something to really look forward to!