Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's Up Thursday!

I think my cold is actually relinquishing it's grasp on me. Unfortunately it wasn't soon enough for me to publish my What's Up! post on Wednesday. Oh well, I guess the day doesn't matter as long as I'm getting things done. 

What I'm Reading

Between my husband and I -- we've read this book to my son about 100 times. We picked it up at a garage sale. I've been looking for a potty book for my son, but hadn't had any luck finding one I liked. My son likes being read this book even when he's on the potty. Unfortunately, he's still not using his potty yet, but I have hope. This book is very short and very cute. If you have a little boy using the potty get this one! I saw there was a similar book for little girls as well.

What I'm Writing/Drawing 

I finished and submitted my Tomie Contest entry with time to spare! I do not want to share the entry here. I'm not even sure if it's against the rules. I feel like these contests should be as impartial as possible. I didn't even sign my work before sending it in -- not that many people would recognize my signature. Here's contest link if you missed it:

I finally broke down and purchased a domain name and website hosting for a portfolio website and my Pattern Pals web comic. I have to build the whole thing in Wordpress so I'm not sure how fast I can build everything. I have a bit of experience creating websites. I took a class in HTML/CSS and I do have an idea of what I'm doing. The thing is that Wordpress is different than this and I have to figure out how to force it to do what I want. I could build the whole thing in HTML, but that's really boring and a bit stressful. I hope I can find some information online to help make this website creation go smoothly.

I got a lot of interviews sent out Monday and I already got replies which will keep the interviews going on my blog for the next 3-4 weeks. I can't get lazy now. I have about 5 more people I need to send interviews out to this week!

The more I get done the more I see I have tons to do! Besides getting my website set up (which includes making a few new images) I also need to finish my dummy; illustrate 3 spreads for my dummy; start on a second dummy/illustration packet, work on spot illustrations, and design and print post cards. These things all just need to be done at once! I feel like I need at least two books to pitch before I start pitching books (in case an editor/agent wants to know what else I'm working on). Ideally I'll also be printed in a magazine or two at this time. I can do this. I can do this.. just remember to breathe!  

Every Day Possible
Work on spot illustrations and dummy creation.

Wed 06/18
- What's Up Wednesday Post. Done Thursday.

Thursday 06/19
-Working on dummy/illustration work.
-Spot illustrations for magazines.

Friday 06/20
- Illustration work.
- Interview with Debra Daugherty! I also have interviews with Terry Lynn Johnson, Wendy Decker and Marcia Strykowski coming soon!

Saturday 06/21
- Possibly having dinner with some friends!

Sunday 06/22
- A bit of work on art or my website

Write down some interview questions

Monday 06/23
- Meeting strange people, because people are strange when you're a stranger. When you're a stranger -- people are strange.

Tuesday 06/24

- Going to the beach?

Wednesday 06/25

- What's Up Wednesday!

What Inspires Me Right Now
- The ability to do things for other people just because I can.

What Else I've Been Up To

Toddler Minding 
Up half the night with a screaming hungry toddler!

Hoping to be able to fit in some workouts this week.

*What's up Wednesday is part of Jamie Morrow's summer writing intensive: "Ready. Set. WRITE!" There are other host blogs including: Erin L. FunkAlison MillerKaty Upperman, and Elodie Nowodazkij.

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