Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Calm Before the Smart Dummies

Hi Everyone, sorry I'm posting this so late at night. Long day. We'll be sending out the the critique groups messages soon!

Your goal is to finish at least 24 pages of a dummy in the next 31 days. This year Smart Dummies will end on October 1st. Extra time for everyone, YAY! You pace yourself for Smart Dummies, so here is some guidelines to where you should be each day. I will put these at the end of the post on these days, so you don't forget.

Day 1: Doodle a lot
Day 2: Create Thumbnails
Day 4: Have character designs for all characters
Day 13: Finish loose drawings for each of your pages/spreads.
Day 14: Step back (several feet) and analyse your drawings.
Day 27: Have your finished spreads done.
Days 28-31: Use your remaining days to polish your finish spreads. Erase stray lines, or trace the drawings so they look clean
What do you need to do now?

Read all the posts on this blog. Please, comment when you can! Smart Dummies Guests work hard on their posts, and commenting is like giving them a great big "thank you" appreciation hug.

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Remember to sign up to go to Picture Book Summit! It starts just after Smart Dummies ends. It is an awesome writer's conference that you can go to in your own home. You can go in your P.J.s, how awesome is that? Super awesome!

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