Sunday, August 27, 2017

How You Can Help Smart Dummies!

Smart Dummies is free and will always be 100% free to join as long as I'm able to run the event. Unfortunately Smart Dummies is not completely free for me to run.

The gift card I give away every year is usually out of my own pocket. This year I was very blessed and many wonderful people bought me a coffee through KoFi! I am using that money to have a bigger gift card this year!

I also put a lot of time into Smart Dummies. I am not complaining because it's worth every minute. I do, however, have limited funds. Your donation will help me not have to decide between working on a commission or working on Smart Dummies. It will also help me to make Smart Dummies an even bigger event next year!

If you want to get some nice swag with the Smart Dummies logo on it be sure to click the link. You are getting good quality items when you buy these.I bought a ceramic mug from Meg Miller's ReviMo a few years ago. That mug has been through the dishwasher a ton of times and is still as beautiful as when I bought it!

You can also buy me a coffee through KoFi

Not everyone can afford to donate money. More importantly than any of these things above I would like you to comment on as many posts as possible during this event! The professionals taking part in this event work hard on their post, and they deserve to get a bit of love for their post. Please comment as much as you can! Thank you!

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