Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Smart Dummies Guest List!

Sorry that this is coming a bit late! Here is your Smart Dummies guest list for this year! I've also included people who are giving out prizes. Prizes will be announced soon! Also I'll hopefully finish the badge soon. Wish me luck!

Smart Dummies Guests

Mira Reisberg

Traci Van Wagoner

Patricia Pinsk

Mark Mitchell

Jennifer Adams

Evelyn  B. Christensen

Teresa Robeson

Becky Fyfe

Leila Nabih

Merrill Rainey

Jennifer Thermes

Susanna Hill

Margriet Ruurs

Betsy Bird (Also does Fuse 8)

Roberta Biard

Catherine Bailey

Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Chieu Ahn Urban

Don Tate

Ben Clanton 

Emmeline Forestal

Katie Davis

Yvonne Mes

Sophia from Rate Your Story

Shearry Malone

Tory Novikova

Vincent X. Kirsch

Shawna Tenney

Bob McMahon

Susan Eaddy

Juana Martinez-Neal

Providing Prizes

Arree Chung

Sharon Chriscoe

Bryony Supper


  1. Those are some fantastic guests. I can't wait to read all of their posts!

  2. I'm super excited! Some I've been able to read already and they are fantastic. Should be a great year!

  3. Looking forward to it much! :-)

  4. I'm truly honored to be included in a list with some seriously talented folks. Thank you for inviting me, Dani!

  5. Yay! Looking forward, Dani! What a great group, and am honored to be a part :)