Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Couple Brief Announcements

Just a few things today:

I'll put up a post tomorrow or Monday about critique groups. There will be a survey to help you find the best critique group for you! I just need to iron out a couple of details.

Prize update!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton will be giving copies of Henny and Peddles, one each, signed (and will throw in a copy of Bub, too, if the winner is willing to wait until January).

Ben Clanton  - blank book from and copy of Narwhal

Mira Reisberg will be giving out a free Photoshop course and a separate prize of a Hero's Art Journey course!

I'm going to check my email again this weekend to see if there are any missing prizes. Thank you to everyone who donated!


  1. Feels like the school year is about to begin!

  2. It does, doesn't it? I know I always learn so much every year. I'm glad it's all on my blog so I can go back to it later!

  3. Very excited to start this dummy! Can't wait! 😊