Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Warm, Fuzzy, Thank You! Also a Bit About Agents.

I didn't want to put these two together, but I want to leave tomorrow's post for all the last minute reminders!

First off a great big


to all the lovely ladies who have been helping me out with Planning Smart Dummies this year.

The Smart Dummy team includes:

Leila A Nabih

Sussu Leclerc

Phyllis Cherry 

Sarah LuAnn Perkins

Danette Byatt

These lovely ladies have helped me put together Smart Dummies this year. Things were very rocky for me this year, and they were all great support. Some things didn't happen this year, but with their help more great things will come next year. Thanks to these ladies I'll have a solid plan going into next year, and the event will be even better with their help!

Also another


to everyone who creates posts for the event, bought me a coffee, or otherwise helped me out. You all are absolutely fantastic.



Honestly, this was meant to be a Facebook video, but I ended up with a sinus infection today and I've decided to forgo that thought!  

In the Facebook Group Lauren Soloy asked:

"A lot of agents don't list how to submit dummies in their submission guidelines, but do say that they are open to author-illustrators. What do you do when that happens?"

This is honestly a case of doing a lot of research and hoping for the best. If the Agent has illustration and writing guidelines, chances are you can submit your work that way. For example if the Agent says you can attach a few images onto your email, then they likely won't mind a .pdf of your manuscript as long as it's small. If they also say to paste the text into your email, don't send them a .doc file, just follow the directions. 

Many of the Agents I've sent work to have wanted a link to a .pdf. I often store my .pdf work in dropbox.

Some Tips:
  • Always follow submission guidelines to a "T". This is not the time to break the rules
  • Some Agents/Editors don't like links in their emails, and will send these emails to their junk folder 
  • Put the Agent/Editor's email address into the address field LAST! This way you won't accidently send a half-baked submission package to them. If they have a submission box on their website, fill out the required fields LAST. 
  • Don't take my word for it! Research, research, research. Creating a submission is too important to take the advice of just one person. 
  • Keep your files small. Your .PDF should be under 5 mbs in size! 

The most important thing is to make sure your work is ready and your cover letter is compelling. There are some excellent courses out there to help out with that:

Check out  Elizabeth O' Dulemba's blog for great information
Also Kidlit 411 for the most comprehensive resources on the web.

Mira Reisberg Illustrating Children's Books is open for registration. The course runs September 25th-October 30th. This is a wonderful "full-on everything to do with picture book illustration extravaganza" course Scholarships are availible for the course here until September 5th: 

Mark G. Mitchell has Group Guest Critiques. It's a great way to get your work critiqued by some of the leading professionals in the industry. You also get some great advice from these professionals in the monthly webinar. I absolutely love Mark's emails I've learned so much from him, so be sure to visit his page and sign up for his emails here:

Arree Chung just put out a new picture book illustration course. I took his course this past summer and it was absolutely wonderful! So much great information.

Julie Hedlund has a wonderful course (openings are rare, so sign up for her mail list to get updates) that tells you all the things you need to know when submitting your manuscript. She usually has a webinar just before the course opens, so you can ask questions before you purchase. I have this course so feel free to ask me questions as well!

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  1. Thank you to you and your wonderful team. I look forward to getting started!