Saturday, August 5, 2017

(The Somewhat Unofficial) Smart Dummies Prizes!

List of Smart Dummies Prizes. The final list may vary slightly from this. It was pointed out to me that I made a bit of a mistake on my last post. Those listed under "providing prizes" are people who will be donating a prize, but not posting for the event. There are more than just 3 prizes! The final list of prizes will appear on the sign-up page & hopefully in an updated post. Some prizes aren't identified because I forgot to ask about the details -- sorry!

Arree Chung - Book

Sharon Chriscoe - An Autographed Copy of "Race Car Dreams" and Swag

Bryony Supper - Book

Mark Mitchell -  1 Year Subscription to Guest Group Critiques

Teresa Robeson - Scripta Note Book  (Ruled and Blank Pages) and Fiber Castell Pitt Artist Pen

Becky Fyfe A Copy of "Teapot Tales"

Emmeline Forestal - Portfolio Review

Jennifer Adams - Books "My Little Cities London" and "My Little Cities NY"

Ben Clanton  - Prize

Yvonne Mes - Picture Book Critique

Evelyn  B. Christensen Any of Evelyn's Books from the Teachers Pay Teachers Resource Site

Sophia from Rate Your Story - A Free Speed Pass (1 Time Submission)

Chieu Ahn Urban - A Couple of Signed Books

Jennifer Thermes - "Charles Darwin Around the World" book

Leila Nabih An Adaptation of "Little Red Riding Hood"

Susan Eaddy "My Love for you is the Sun", by Julie Hedlund and illustrated by Susan Eaddy and "Poppy’s Best Paper", written by Susan Eaddy and illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet

There may be a few more to come. I will be posting badges in the next couple of days!

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