Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Magic Mask Process

I'm going to put up some process photos so that I can show you some of what you might go through while you are working on your dummy. These are illustrations I did last year for the book "The Magic Mask" by Pamela Stadyk.  I'm going to show you the progression of images of three of my illustrations.


More Thumbnails
 My thumbnail work is really quite crude. Some of what I have here is stuff only I can understand.
Facial Expressions

More Facial Expressions

Character Design
 You'll see by this point that I didn't do as much prep work as I should have. This caused a bit of trouble later because I wasn't as quick finishing up all my images.

A completely terrible start on Jade, but the dolphin is much like the final mammal.

This is very close to the final image here. I hated the positioning of Jade's legs. Also I think I made a few changes to the furniture.

This illustration was probably the most challenging. Trying to get Jade just have her head underwater was difficult. I played with several different angles before I got the right one.

I think of all the images this one changed the least throughout the whole process.

 After I had finished the images at this size I found out the size of the images were wrong and had to adjust all the images.

These are the final images at the time I sent them to Pamela. They weren't quite right. Part of the problem was a mistake I didn't catch. The characters needed auras in some of the illustrations. Thank goodness for digital illustration! I was able to edit the photos to Pamela's liking without having to redraw/paint them all.  

These are the final illustrations as they appear in the book!

It was a long process to get these illustrations from idea to physical illustrations. There were 8 illustration in all. The entire process took 2 months (I think exactly 2 months) Since I was commissioned by the author to do these illustrations there was a lot of back and forth that needed to be done. I'm happy with how the illustrations turned out, and learned a lot in the process.

You can see that I started out with pretty poor drawings. Don't feel bad if yours are bad too. You can end up with a polished book if you work hard!

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