Thursday, September 15, 2016

Smart Dummies Registration is Now Open

I meant to open the registration page at midnight! Since I'm a bit late getting this set up you can have an extra day to sign up! Registration for Smart Dummies will run through October 8th.

Mark G. Mitchell and I will be doing a Google Hangout on September 23rd at 1pm PDT.* The details and a link for registration will be sent out soon!

Please not that this prize list is not complete. I'll be adding more details soon. I have yet to confirm all the prizes.

It should be noted that Tim Egan could not post but he is sending me a wonderful prize to give away as we speak!

Find out tomorrow how you could win a $20 Amazon gift card!


Photoshop or Hero's Art Journey course (your choice) - Mira Reisberg

Make your Marks & Splashes course and 
a one-year subscription to Guest Group Critiques- Mark G Mitchell

Drawing - Tim Egan 

A review copy of "Toby"Hazel Mitchell

Torn tissue illustration - Toni Yuly

"The Egg Thief" - Lauren Gallegos

"If Kids Ruled the World" and "Manners are Not for Monkeys" David Huyck

"Get the Wiggles Out" and "Let's Cooperate" books and a signed A4 print. - Tom Heard

"Ring Around the Rosie", and an original Buddha painting on paper  - Gina Perry

*2pm MDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT, 10pm CEST. If you do not see your time zone on this list, please let me know and I'll post it here!


  1. Thank you, Mark Mitchell, for your invitation! As an illustrator currently illustrating my best friend's first book, Olivia's Ocean, under contract to Tate Publishing. I'm eager to soak up all I can from Dani's experiences-especially with the storyboard. BTW-my best friend is Canadian (from Edmonton, Alberta-has an older brother in Vancouver)! :)

  2. I'm SO needing this! I'm just starting my journey in writing and illustrating my very first picture book, and I want to get off to the right start!!