Friday, September 30, 2016

ON YOUR MARKS for Smart Dummies!

Smart Dummies starts tomorrow. Are you ready? You are NOT registered until you sign up here:

Please give those that donated their time to this event your love! If you are able, please comment on the posts. If you want to win a prize you must comment on that post to win!

Smart Dummies Participant Badge!
Pre Smart Dummies Giveaway:

Smart Dummies Shop: Any money earned will go to prizes and allow me to continue the event next year.

I believe that it was Nina Falkestav that asked if you have to draw your dummy. You do not. You can use collage, paint, ink, coffee stains, photography and anything else you can think of to finish your dummy! Be sure to Join the Facebook Group 

Check out this post about story and prep for the competion:

Once again, here is what you need to win Smart Dummies:

To win Smart Dummies you'll need a polished picture book dummy. Dummies run between 24-30 pages. Many agents/editors want more pages, so keep this in mind while working on your dummy.

Here is a quick list of what you'll need:

- Pencils/Mechanical Pencils/Paint (Whatever you want to use.)
- Paper (Can be computer paper!)
- Erasers of all sorts
- Your polished manuscript (or strong ideas for a story if wordless)
- Access to a computer to see the posts

Things you might want to have:

- Drawing books & books on craft
- Pre-sketching
Character Designs
- Thumbnails (tiny drawings to outline your script)
- A critique group for feedback (Contact me if you would like to join a group)
- A scanner (camera) to share your work with your group

I strongly suggest you start on planning your picture book ASAP for Smart Dummies! You do not want to be half-way through the second week with just a couple of character sketches and a really good idea. Make sure you have a solid story before you start so you don't get stuck like I did!

Pre Day 1: Have story finished. Possibly have thumbnails and character designs done.
Day 1: Doodle a lot
Day 2: Create Thumbnails
Day 4: Have character designs for all characters 
Day 13: Finish loose drawings for each of your pages/spreads.
Day 14: Step back (several feet) and analyse your drawings. 
Day 27: Have your finished spreads done.
Days 28-31: Use your remaining days to polish your finish spreads. Erase stray lines, or trace the drawings so they look clean

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