Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Smart Dummies Survey - One Last Prize!

Thank you all one last time for participating in Smart Dummies!

Here is a survey I'd like you to fill out if you have time. Please send all answers to daniduckart(@) (remove parenthesis) with the subject "Smart Dummies Survey". You can also comment below or catch me on Facebook if that's easier. To bribe you to do this I will be sending out a hand-painted greeting card to one random participant. If I have time I may send out a few other prizes! If you did participate in the event, but did not get a chance to sign up you are still eligible to win.

Feel free to answer as many of these questions as you like. Please be candid. Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings. Please answer at least 3 of these questions to be entered to win! I will be picking a winner from the entrants on November 14.

1. What did you like about Smart Dummies?

2. What did you not like?

3. Who would you like to see doing a guest post next year?

4. Would you like to write a guest post next year?*

5. Did you finish your dummy? (If yes, skip question 6).

6. If you did not finish your dummy
      A. How far did you get?
      B. What got in the way of completion?

7. What would you like to see changed for next year?

8, What kinds of prizes would you like to see next year?

9. Do you have a prize you would like to donate for next year's event?

*I'm mostly looking for published Writers/Illustrators to post, however there may be other posting opportunities surrounding the event.

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