Thursday, October 8, 2015

Don't Forget to Sign the Oath - Plus Some WINNERS

Starting tomorrow I'm going to start drawing names for prizes! Be sure to sign the Smart Dummies Oath if you haven't already: If you completed a strong draft (2nd draft or better) on your dummy this month you've won and need to sign the oath!
Remember that you need to comment on Mira's Photoshop Course (and have a finished dummy) to win that prize.

Tomorrow I have Stacy S. Jensen on my blog. She'll be talking about an art style she uses for relaxation. There will be a big prize winner on this post!

And because I can't wait until tomorrow here are some WINNERS! I have 3 sets of cards to give out that were donated by Stephen Maquignon. For the most part there will be only one prize per person. Since I'm not sure if everyone has signed the oath I'm going to make an exception (so don't think if you win this prize you can't win one of the big prizes). Winners are chosen through


Danielle Dufayet 

Sussu Leclerc

Danette Byatt 

Be sure to send me a mailing address so I can send you these wonderful postcards!


  1. Awesome. Thanks, Stephan! I'm very grateful.

  2. I just realized I spelled Stephen's first name wrong! Sorry about that.

    1. I did not even notice : ) You are all very welcome Let make art!

  3. Wow, Thank you, Stephen! Love these! And thanks Dani Duck! :)