Thursday, October 1, 2015

Smart Dummies Prizes!

Before I get into the prizes I want to make sure everyone knows I made a mistake on Diandra Mae's Post: I somehow missed half the post and could not get it to re-send to your email. So sorry about that!

Please Comment on the prizes you want to show love to the people who have generously donated prizes. Mira's Photoshop course will only go to people who comment on the post! I had planned to make commenting required for all prizes, but that will make things unnecessarily complicated. I will use to choose the prizes in a week (or so) from now.

Commenting on other posts in the event is also fantatic. It helps the people who have donated their time to Smart Dummies. This will also help me in making an even better event next year!

I will also be following up the event with a survey. Anyone who participated can fill out the survey and be entered to win a thank you prize from me!

Prizes for Smart Dummy Winners: 

Two Girls Want a Puppy - Maple Lam

Prizes for Smart Dummy Entrants/Winners:

* Must have a US mailing address to win this prize.

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  1. I did it!!! Yay... I do solemnly swear I finished it - all 40 pages. What a great exercise in 'press on'. Thank you Dani and your list of contributors was great!. I'm already working on a different illustration for one of the spreads, and tying up the back matter better. Thank you again for all your efforts you put into this.