Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Winners!

I have a slight problem with one of our big winners Meaning I have to make an adjustment. The big prize winner, Meridth Gimbel, is already in a critique group with Mary Uhles. While Mary will be giving her friend a portfolio review, she has asked me to choose another person!

The new (or second) winner of a Portfolio review by the wonderful Mary Reaves Uhles is:

Marla Lesage

Since Meridth already had access to the prize awarded she will  receive Two Girls Want a Puppy from Maple Lam

More Winners because giving out prizes is fun!

I'll announce the final winners tomorrow! 

The prizes may be subject to eligibility rules found in earlier posts (ie Some prizes can only be sent to the US. I believe I double checked everything thoroughly, but if for some reason someone is not eligible for a prize I'll send them something fun through letter mail.  


  1. Doing my happy dance! Thank you Meridth for offering up your prize.

  2. Oh Meridth will still get her original prize. Mary just offered to do a second portfolio review because she knows Meridth so well.